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AG Server for Linux

Server installation

Download the latest dedicated server for Windows hlserver4110.exe
or the latest for Linux hlds_l_3110_full.bin
If my links don't work go to Fileplanet and download the file there.

Special Linux instructions in italic:
Download the file to your home directory, then type:
tar xfzv hlds_l3110.tar.gz
cd hlds_l

Then download AG to the hlds_l directory you currently
are standing in, then type:
tar xfzv ag_63.tar.gz
cd aghl

Then edit "ag_run" and change port if you have more servers
running on the machine. You start the linux server with ag_run command
when you are done with the settings below.

After you installed it you need to edit the /aghl/server.cfg and change:
rcon_password - Remote control password.
hostname - The name to show in a gamebrowser.
sv_password - The password to enter the server.
sv_contact - Your email address.

You can also go into startup_server.cfg and change to what
gamemode the server will start in.
sv_ag_gamemode ffa - Free For All
sv_ag_gamemode tdm - Team Deathmatch
sv_ag_gamemode arena - Arena
sv_ag_gamemode arcade - Arcade
sv_ag_gamemode sgbow - Sgbow
sv_ag_gamemode instagib - Instagib
sv_ag_gamemode ctf - Capture The Flag
sv_ag_gamemode lts - Last Team Standing
sv_ag_gamemode lms - Last Man Standing

You can also change the allowed gamemodes. For all gamemodes use blank string.
You can also use this string here with all gamemodes allowed. Remove those you dont like.
I recommend that you leave it to what the installer set for you.
sv_ag_allowed_gamemodes "ffa;ffax;tdm;tdm2;tdm3;tdmx;arena;arcade;sgbow;instagib;ctf;lts;lms"

Do not change mp_xxx server settings in server.cfg. Add/Change them in
the gamemodes configuration files in /aghl/gamemodes. I repeat - do not change mp_xxx server settings in server.cfg!

You can easily start a Windows server by using the shortcuts in startmeny. I predefined a standard internet and a standard LAN server.
Please dont use server password if you dont need to, we need to help new players into the game!
If your server admin demands a password then please use hlclan and remember to set sv_contact so I can contact you!

RCON Server commands

agaddadmin name password - Add new admin.
aglistadmins - List all admins.
agdeladmin name - Delete existing admin.
agnextmap mapname - Set next level.
agnextmode mode - Set next mode.
agexec config - Executes a server configuration.
agstart full - Start a match. Add "full" if you want to do an American start.
agallow name or #id - Allow a player into the match. If blank - allow yourself
agpause - Pause server.
agforcespectator name or #id - Force a player into spectator mode.
agforceteamup name or #id team - Force a player into a team.
ffa - Change to Free For All mode.
tdm - Change to Team Death Match mode (FF1, WS0).
tdm2 - Change to Team Death Match mode II (FF0,WS0).
tdm3 - Change to Team Death Match mode III (FF0,WS1).
tdmx - Change to Team Death Match the AG way.
arena - Change to Arena mode.
arcade - Change to Arcade mode.
sgbow - Change to Shotgun and bow mode.
instagib - Change to Instagib mode.
lts - Change to Last Team Standing mode.
lms - Change to Last Man Standing mode.
ctf - Change to Capture The Flag mode.
help - List commands.
variables - List variables.

Server side variables

Recommended settings (1 is on, 0 is off if not stated otherwise)
sv_ag_pure 1 - 0 is regular spike and wallhack check. 1 adds checks so that standard models are the same as the servers (aimbot protection), it also adds the variable checker.
sv_ag_max_spectators 5 - Max spectators allowed.
sv_ag_allowed_gamemodes "ffa;tdm;arena;arcade;sgbow;instagib" - The allowed gamemodes. Set this in startup_server.cfg.
sv_ag_allow_vote 1 - Allow voting.
sv_ag_vote_setting 1 - Vote ag_xxx ettings.
sv_ag_vote_gamemode 1 - Allow gamemode switching. This is limited with the sv_ag_allowed_gamemodes variable
sv_ag_vote_kick 0 - Allow voting a kick.
sv_ag_vote_admin 0 - Allow voting an admin.
sv_ag_vote_map 1 - Allow map voting.
sv_ag_vote_start 1 - Allow agstart/agkick.
sv_ag_vote_allow 1 - Allow agallow..
ag_start_minplayers 2 - Minumum amount of player to allow match with agstart command.
ag_vote_failed_time 180 - Seconds until next vote can begin if last failed.
sv_ag_vote_mp_timelimit_low 10 - Lowest timelimit to vote on.
sv_ag_vote_mp_timelimit_high 40 - Highest timelimit to vote on.
sv_ag_vote_mp_fraglimit_low 0 - Lowest fraglimit to vote on.
sv_ag_vote_mp_fraglimit_high 10 - Highest fraglimit to vote on.
sv_ag_show_gibs 1 - Show dead bodies.
sv_ag_spawn_volume 0.5 - respawn sound volume. The default value is half the regular value.
sv_ag_floodmsgs 4 - Flood messages to tolerate. 0 will deactive it.
sv_ag_floodpersecond 4 - Flood messages per second.
sv_ag_floodwaitdelay 10 - Flood penelty timer.
sv_ag_auto_admin 1 - Give auto admin to admins in admin list.
sv_ag_allow_timeout 1 - Allow players calling timeout when playing a match.

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